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Consumer Engineering manfactures electronic control parts for all Vita Spa products made prior to 2010.  These parts are offered at wholesale prices to Distributors, Dealers and Professional Spa Repair Services.

The easiest way to find the Vita Spa part that you need is to go to our Parts Catalog and find your part number by looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions.
 We have grouped all of the parts within model years so that you can find a compatable part to work in your spa.

If you are not certain that the part has actually failed, the attached manuals and troubleshooting hints may help.  Remember, we have engineers and technicans that can answer your email questions.  All you have to do is ask.

Finally, note the retail price that you see in the Parts Catalog and go to our Order page. Your trade discount will appear on your PayPal invoice.  If your part is not on our price list, we are not the original source and we cannot provide it.